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    Andover College South Portland and Lewiston Campuses to Host Graduation Ceremony Sunday


    Glenn Cummings, of the U.S. Department of Education’s Office of Vocational and Adult Education, to Keynote Ceremony


    PORTLAND, Maine, June 7, 2009—The Andover College South Portland and Lewiston campuses will hold a joint graduation ceremony on Sunday, June 7, for 287 students.  The ceremony will take place at 7:00 p.m. at the Merrill Auditorium at 20 Myrtle St., Portland, Maine.  Glenn Cummings, Deputy Assistant Secretary of the U.S. Department of Education’s Office of Vocational and Adult Education, will keynote the ceremony.  Cummings was the former Speaker of the House in the Maine House of Representatives.


    Students will be recognized for earning either associate degrees or certificates in one of 11 programs in the allied health, business, education or legal fields.  Upon graduation, students may be eligible for entry-level positions in their field of study.  According to the Occupational Employment Projections, a report by the Maine Department of Labor, Labor Market Information Division, medical assistant positions are expected to increase by 33.6 percent from 2006 to 2016. 


     Andover College is accredited by the New England Association of Schools and Colleges (NEASC) through its Commission on Technical and Career Institutions of Higher Education. 


    The Andover College South Portland and Lewiston campuses June 2009 graduates are as follows:


    Associate of Applied Science


    Sara L Aviles, South Casco, ME

    Nancy L Bisson, Lewiston, ME

    Tina Carlson, Parsonsfield, ME

    Lisa L Dana, South Portland, ME

    Patricia A DeStefano, Sabattus, ME

    Jenna DeWitt, Waterboro, ME

    John R Fletcher, Gray, ME

    Katelyn A Hanscom, Windham, ME

    Kristy Harmon, Biddeford, ME

    Karen Haynes, South Portland, ME

    Ronda E Jones, Westbrook, ME

    Nicholas R Labbe, Lewiston, ME

    Michelle L Leclerc, Windham, ME

    Christine E Leighton, Wales, ME

    Dianna Lewis, Scarborough, ME

    April M McDonagh, Old Orchard Beach, ME

    Trina Mercier, Lewiston, ME

    Janet L Mowatt, Windham, ME

    Kerri Munson, Portland, ME

    Rita R Ouellette, Lewiston, ME

    Amy J Peniuk, Minot, ME

    Jeannine R Poulin, Greene, ME

    John Roberge, Portland, ME

    Victor Sanga, Portland, ME

    Jennifer L Tabor, Saco, ME

    Nellie M Vance, Westbrook, ME

    Ami Wilson, Lewiston, ME

    Melody G Wing, Livermore Falls, ME

    Abdullahi Yousaf, Portland, ME

    Peter M Zawa, Portland, ME


    Associate of Applied Science

    Business Administration

    Frances M Adams, Sweden, ME

    Aaron J Archambault, Biddeford, ME

    Judy Bilodeau, Lewiston, ME

    Cherie L Bilodeau, Leeds, ME

    Amy L Bloodgood, Lewiston, ME

    Christina L Burner-Dougherty, Gorham, ME

    Suzanne M Champagne, Westbrook, ME

    Tiffany J Chapman, Porter, ME

    Jessica L Clark, South Paris, ME

    Bethany D Couture, Lewiston, ME

    Kristen M Dipaolo, Portland, ME

    Tristan Donle, Windham, ME

    Kristine M Dostie, Lewiston, ME

    Debbie L Dugal, Biddeford, ME

    Diana L Dunne, Lewiston, ME

    Cory L Edwards, Harrison, ME

    Forest T Farnum, Lewiston, ME

    Christopher J Finley, Lewiston, ME

    James F Freeman, Lewiston, ME

    Matthew R Freeman, Lisbon, ME

    Scott D Grant, Topsham, ME

    Lisa J Greeley, Lewiston, ME

    Tanya M Grover, Lewiston, ME

    Andrew G Hartig, Windham, ME

    Christina L Jones, South Portland, ME

    Chelsea Kauffman, Auburn, ME

    Sandra D Labbe, Turner, ME

    Morgan P Lewis, Hartford, ME

    Benjamin P Love, Durham, ME

    Christina J Mansir, Auburn, ME

    Janelle L Meader, Lewiston, ME

    Melissa Neptune, Falmouth, ME

    Victoria L Purcell, New Gloucester, ME

    Melanie Ranger, Standish, ME

    Jessica L Roberts, Lisbon, ME

    Iris M Scott, Auburn, ME

    Debra M Sparks, Rumford, ME

    Nicole T Williams, Portland, ME

    Theresa Witham, Falmouth, ME


    Associate of Applied Science

    Criminal Justice

    Troy A Arbogast, Lewiston, ME

    Shannon P Arel, Biddeford, ME

    Michael B Augustino, South Portland, ME

    Nathaniel L Baril, Lewiston, ME

    Alicia F Bouchard, Auburn, ME

    John W Brady, South Portland, ME

    Benjamin Braley, Buxton, ME

    David W Bryant, Auburn, ME

    Laurie Caron, Bowdoin, ME

    Carol J Cleveland, Windham, ME

    Ana M Cordero, Portland, ME

    Crystal Davis, Gray, ME

    John J Devine, Portland, ME

    Paul Dyer, North Waterboro, ME

    Nicole E Fortier, Buxton, ME

    Annmarie Gadbois, Gray, ME

    Justin M Gaudette, Saco, ME

    Caleb Gilbert, Buckfield, ME

    Nick A Gulliver, Jay, ME

    Rodolfo Hernandez, Lewiston, ME

    Wendy S Houghton, Carthage, ME

    Altagracia I Jack, Oxford, ME

    Olga Kostina, Scarborough, ME

    Therese M Lampron, Windham, ME

    Timothy P Lane Jr., Winthrop, ME

    James G Langelier, Lewiston, ME

    Ashley Lavalle, Shapleigh, ME

    Derek J LeClerc, Lewiston, ME

    Tiffany J McKenna, Auburn, ME

    Jessica Nichols, Portland, ME

    Alexander Rowan, Cumberland Center, ME

    Scott A Rowan, Cumberland, ME

    C. Jeffrey Small, Biddeford, ME

    Megan R Starbird, Strong, ME

    Christy l Stokely, Lewiston, ME

    Carly D Sutter, Portland, ME

    Fred J Villacci, Westbrook, ME


    Associate of Applied Science

    Early Childhood Education

    Amanda J Blewett, Lewiston, ME

    Eleni Braley, Standish, ME

    Nicole Cressey, Parsonsfield, ME

    Patricia A Eastman, Auburn, ME

    Jessica Geyer, Augusta, ME

    Alison L Gray, Lewiston, ME

    Candace L Hathorne, Topsham, ME

    Alexis Y Mattos, Winthrop, ME

    Lisa M Maxim, New Gloucester, ME

    Christopher McDonald, Portland, ME

    Natasha M McFarland, Portland, ME

    Michele I Michaud, Standish, ME

    Caitlin Monat, Portland, ME

    Danielle K Moody, Nobleboro, ME

    Kathy J O'Neal, Oxford, ME

    Ashley B Paine, Otisfield, ME

    Christie-Marie M Penney, South Portland, ME

    Kimmie J Spencer, Lewiston, ME

    Kelly Swett, Old Orchard Beach, ME

    Jennifer A Theriault, Rumford, ME


    Associate of Applied Science

    Medical Assisting

    Brandi L Albert, Portland, ME

    Elwaleed A Alshafie, Portland, ME

    Gloria J Arnold, Auburn, ME

    Jennifer A Barnard, Mechanic Falls, ME

    Ibrahim A Bashir, Lewiston, ME

    Kassandra M Baxter, Lewiston, ME

    Tina A Beaulieu, Biddeford, ME

    Lisa Bickford, New Gloucester, ME

    Jessica M Blanchard, Westbrook, ME

    Lea J Boisvert, Lewiston, ME

    Sheila M Boucher, Lisbon, ME

    Ashley E Bragg, Buxton, ME

    Lisa M Brown, Auburn, ME

    Mary J Brown, North Monmouth, ME

    Ashlie M Calleros, Standish, ME

    Jennifer L Campbell, Lewiston, ME

    Paul L Carney, Lewiston, ME

    Roni L Cavallero, Portland, ME

    Audra D Chartier, Daphne, AL

    Jill Cheney, Biddeford, ME

    Danielle M Clough, South Portland, ME

    Jenny L Cote, Lewiston, ME

    Rebecca S Dale, Biddeford, ME

    Trisha D Darnell, Minot, ME

    Sharon M Davis, South Portland, ME

    Cheryl R Deane, Portland, ME

    Shelley Dearborn, West Baldwin, ME

    Elizabeth Decker, Windham, ME

    Gyslein DeLeon, Saco, ME

    Kerri L Diaz, South Portland, ME

    Lisa M DiBiase, Westbrook, ME

    Dominique D DiMatteo, Scarborough, ME

    Lori-Ann Dipietrantonio, Westbrook, ME

    Mintee C Drew, Portland, ME

    Dianne E Dubois, Turner, ME

    Annie Dunne, So Portland, ME

    Nicole Earle, Brunswick, ME

    Kimberly Eastup, Windham, ME

    Tracy E Fletcher, Portland, ME

    Nicole L Freitas, Poland Spring, ME

    Bobbie-Jo S Fulgham, Lewiston, ME

    Shelly L Fuller, Auburn, ME

    Nadine M Glass, Windham, ME

    Donna L Gosselin, Auburn, ME

    Lorna L Hall, Auburn, ME

    Debra Handlon, Portland, ME

    Kelsi Heikkinen, Auburn, ME

    Wensdae M Heltman, Knoxville, TN

    Vanessa J Hopkins, Portland, ME

    Pamela A Hourihan, Gorham, ME

    Elizabeth M Hunt, Gardiner, ME

    Marie L Hyde, Saco, ME

    Carla F Jamison, Auburn, ME

    Terri L King, Scarborough, ME

    Denise L Lancaster, Gray, ME

    April Larrivee, Greenwood, ME

    Kristie Leighton, Naples, ME

    Joline E Lewis, Hartford, ME

    Erica L Litalien, Litchfield, ME

    Janet L Littlefield, Lewiston, ME

    Josephine L LoBiondo-Landry, Litchfield, ME

    Rebecca M Lynch, Topsham, ME

    Michelle L Martin, Brunswick, ME

    Emily R McCormick, Unity, ME

    Heidi McKay, Litchfield, ME

    Britni C McLean, Buxton, ME

    Melissa S Newcomb, Scarborough, ME

    Megan Normand, Brunswick, ME

    Leah A Ouellette, Turner, ME

    Desiree R Ouellette, Auburn, ME

    Yvette A Paulison, Richmond, ME

    Christopher C Portell, Gray, ME

    Kim M Ramsey, Portland, ME

    Svea Robinson, Portland, ME

    Michele J Rose, Turner, ME

    Melissa M Sage, Hollis Center, ME

    Jessica L Salazar, Portland, ME

    Nannette Sanborn, South Portland, ME

    Heather J Seeley, Portland, ME

    Denise J Silvius, Greene, ME

    Christine Smart, East Parsonfield, ME

    Bernice M Ssetuba, Lewiston, ME

    Chantrelle D Stevens, Oxford, ME

    Sherri L Stretton, Waterford, ME

    Tomisa L Talbot, Old Orchard, ME

    Timothy L Tompkins, Poland, ME

    Maureen E Tripp, South Paris, ME

    Alana E Watts, South Portland, ME

    Karina A Wertman, Scarborough, ME

    Misty A Wescott, Parsonfield, ME

    Monica Williams, Biddeford, ME

    Naomi D Williams, Saco, ME

    Marie Yates, Limerick, ME


    Associate of Applied Science

    Legal Studies

    Jennifer K Alexander, Lewiston, ME

    Elsie-Kay Banks, Auburn, ME

    Marjorie M Baysinger, Brunswick, ME

    Laurencia Bourget, Falmouth, ME

    Elena D Buxton, Monmouth, ME

    Heather L Cabral, Harrison, ME

    Ann Clifford, Westbrook, ME

    Lisa Estabrook, Portland, ME

    Dawn E Gagnon, Alfred, ME

    Danielle K Hal, Windsor, ME

    Sarah E Head, Scarborough, ME

    Naomi R Hilton, Buxton, ME

    Terry L Howard, Durham, ME

    Kara L Johnson, Westbrook, ME

    Patricia J Johnston, Scarborough, ME

    Deborah L Layne, Saco, ME

    Katie M Leary, Naples, ME

    Kacey J LePage, Leeds, ME

    Alison F Lindkvist, Portland, ME

    Crystal I Locke, Cornish, ME

    Tracy L Mathias, Raymond, ME

    Danielle M Merrill, Biddeford, ME

    Evelyn A Muehlfeld, Yarmouth, ME

    Jolynn M Nye, South Portland, ME

    Elena Orlenko, Westbrook, ME

    Cheryl M Palleschi, Winthrop, ME

    Jodi L Peloquin, Portland, ME

    Arlene Perdomo, Portland, ME

    Joanne R Petrizzo, Biddeford, ME

    Candice Pierce, Old Orchard Beach, ME

    Elizabeth M Rancourt, Auburn, ME

    Glen A Rogers, Buckfield, ME

    Jason A Rowe, Buckfield, ME

    Elizabeth M Savard, Lewiston, ME

    Mary J Skehan, Lisbon, ME

    Nicole A Smith, Harpswell, ME

    Amanda M Spargo, Portland, ME

    Andrew J Spear, Biddeford, ME

    Kristi G Stanley, Scarborough, ME

    Paula V Stewart, Portland, ME

    Molly E Tibbetts, West Gardiner, ME

    Jessica J Tice, South Paris, ME

    Lindsay R Trueblood, Auburn, ME

    Brent Williams, Tophsam, ME

    Douglas T Wiltz, Randolph, ME

    Marcy R Winslow, Bryant Pond, ME


    Associate of Applied Science

    Travel & Hospitality Management

    Lisa Collins, Old Orchard Beach, ME

    Tiffanie Oliveira, Naples, ME

    Barbara A Sherman, Portland, ME




    Jackie L Harrington, Waterboro, ME

    Cindy A Randall, Raymond, ME



    Early Childhood Education

    Katherin Gillespie, Cape Elizabeth, ME

    Susan L Libby, Limerick, ME



    Legal Studies

    Noah A Abrahams, Falmouth, ME

    Kristy A Higgins, East Millinocket, ME

    Staci L Kangas, Cape Elizabeth, ME

    Shoshana Lindsley, Old Orchard Beach, ME

    Van Ly, Freeport, ME

    Elena Orlenko, Westbrook, ME

    Theresa A Payeur, Dayton, ME

    Caren B Roy, Concord, NH

    Melanie L Witherell, Harpswel, ME



    Travel & Hospitality Management

    Joan C Burke, Cape Elizabeth, ME

    Ashley M Taschereau, Newmarket, NH


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